Student Success Program

College and Career Planning

The entire planning process for a post-high school career, whether that includes college or not, is especially critical for a student who has struggled in the past. We help students plan for a future they can attain and feel good about, which helps motivate them in their current studies. Our students attend technical colleges, join the military, and work toward career areas of interest.

It’s important to note that our students work collaboratively and gain valuable 21st-century skills to better prepare for college and a career in our increasingly digital world.

Virtual classroom sessions include one-to-one student–teacher meetings and live instructional sessions. ISWI combines online teaching techniques with experienced state-licensed teachers to prepare students for post-graduation success.

Our program offers impressive resources for college and career planning.

In addition to college and career planning and support tools, students benefit from one-to-one support from experienced academic counselors:

Whether students aspire to attend a four-year college or are focused on a more immediate work path, we offer tools to help them evaluate their own strengths and interests and explore career directions that are both satisfying and rewarding.

Students use resources to learn about themselves, discover career interests, and plan for future career success. They:

  • Learn about financial aid options
  • Learn how to prepare for a job interview and write a resume
  • Set short- and long-term education goals to match career interests
  • Learn how to be successful on the job

We believe this kind of personalized guidance and support will help students achieve their dreams and succeed.