General FAQs

What grades are offered by Insight School of Wisconsin (ISWI)?

ISWI is available to eligible students in grades 9–12.

What does it cost to attend ISWI?

ISWI is a public school, so there is no tuition. We provide Wisconsin-licensed teachers and instructional materials. Students and families will be responsible for providing some common household materials (such as printer ink and paper). Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.

Does ISWI provide textbooks and other instructional materials?

Yes. We provide textbooks and instructional materials, which are sent directly to students. These books and materials are dependent on the student’s grade level and the courses they’re enrolled in. Most materials are fully integrated to the online course, so the number of physical items delivered will be few. A loaner computer system is provided to eligible students.

What subjects will my child study?

English/language arts, math, science, and history are core courses. There are also other courses in the appropriate grade levels such as art, health/PE, music, and world languages. High school students can choose from a variety of electives. Students can also access credit recovery courses.

How much time will my child spend online?

High school students will spend 80+ percent of their school time on the computer. Students also do hands-on science experiments, read novels, and complete math problems that are done without the computer.

Can my child work at their own pace?

The high school program provides a measure of flexibility. It includes weekly assignments, scheduled lessons and activities, and assignments with set due dates. Optional and required instructional sessions are scheduled throughout the week to support student learning. Students have the flexibility of creating a schedule that enables them to complete academic work and receive teacher support throughout the day.

What if my student has an IEP or 504 plan?

What if my child is behind on credits or failing classes?

How do students interact socially?

Students spend time with classmates online and through school outings, field trips, and other activities. In addition to school-based clubs, K12 online national clubs help connect students with like interests and passions.

Can ISWI students participate in local school district sports and activities?

We encourage students to speak with their resident school district regarding the possibility of participating in sports and extracurricular activities.