Online Public School in Wisconsin

Insight School of Wisconsin (ISWI), an online public charter school authorized by the McFarland School District strives to help each student earn a high school diploma and be equipped for post-secondary success. We do that through delivering a comprehensive guidance and support model to the student and family, creating an individualized learning plan in collaboration with the student, and engaging in continual communication with the student and the family on learning plan progress.

ISWI enrolls students in grades 9–12 who meet the statutory definition of 'at risk.'* The instructional and wrap-around model is specifically designed to provide additional supports and a unique learning environment for students who have struggled academically. Utilizing a growth mindset that all students have the capacity to learn and grow, ISWI collaborates with school services, the student, and their family in finding a pathway toward graduation and student success. ISWI was established in the 2017–2018 school year and works in collaboration with Wisconsin Virtual Academy. ISWI offers online college and career readiness courses, credit recovery coursework, an extended school year, and work experience. Students enrolled in ISWI will also receive academic support from state-licensed teachers, personal support through our caring counseling department, family and student support from our mentor team, and individualized planning and support from our program specialist.

Credit Recovery Program

Credit Recovery courses allow students to concentrate on courses in a condensed schedule. Often, coursework can be worked on during an extended class session and real-time coursework help can be offered.

*State criteria for being At Risk Designated taken from statutory language which can be accessed from the following websit