About Online Learning

Creating the Interactive Learning Experience

Our curriculum partner, K12, has been a leader in online education for over 20 years. And students love the interactive elements that make our lessons so engaging.

The power of interactivity is one of the greatest advantages of a technology-powered education. We use engaging content to illustrate and explain concepts when a printed page is too one-dimensional, and we use printed or hands-on materials when they are instructionally most appropriate.

Lessons and courses are created at K12 by a team of curriculum developers who combine traditional educational approaches with best practices for online instruction, including animations, games, video, and effective page layout.

More about the Online School (OLS)

Our OLS houses lessons, assessments, and easy-to-use tools to track daily progress. Students and parents can access the OLS any time, any place an Internet connection exists.

Once logged in to our easy-to-use system, families discover the freedom to create scheduling flexibility combined with the right amount of structure so you can oversee the progress your child is making.

Students use the OLS to access their daily lessons, which include the information and resources required for successful completion. They can also:

  • Submit their assignments directly online
  • Participate in live web classes and interactive discussions
  • Connect with their teachers, and reach out for extra help whenever needed
  • Experience our many online clubs and virtual field trips

Built-in planning and progress tools allow parents to easily schedule or view lessons online, log attendance, and monitor student progress. A progress dashboard shows which lessons have been completed, and which ones require more work.

The system also helps everyone in the family stay connected to the exciting and important things happening at school.

It's kind of like going to traditional school but without the long bus rides and crowded hallways—and with easy access to fellow parents and students.

Our Mission is to Awaken the Power of Learning in Every Student

At ISWI, your child is at the center of everything we do. Students thrive when they're surrounded by a supportive environment that's personalized to their strengths and needs. This provides them with the opportunity to learn, understand, grow, and succeed.

When learning comes alive, everything changes. Students gain skills, confidence, and independence—and raise their sights.