Testing and Assessment FAQs

Required State Assessments

Do I have to participate in state testing?

As a public school in Wisconsin, we are required to proctor tests each year for our students in grades 3-11th

When a parent or guardian requests that the student be excused from participating in the Wisconsin State Assessments, this request must be honored at grades 4, 8, 9-11, per Wis. Stats. 118.30(2)(b)3.. This request may come at any time during the testing window. All students excused by parent opt-out are marked as “not tested” students in school and district reporting determinations.

We request that you consider the significance and impact of requesting an opt out and take this into consideration as you determine whether to opt your child(ren) out of testing.  Please note that testing our student population in its entirety allows us to most accurately gather the information necessary to create effective school improvement efforts.  Currently, there are no ramifications to a student’s grade or ability to reenroll in our schools for parents that exercise their right to opt their students out of state testing (currently Forward testing for grades 3-8, Aspire testing grades 9 and 10, ACT testing 11th grade or the alternative test for students eligible Dynamic Learning Maps grades 3-11).